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Arsenal SAM7K Complete Pistol-to-SBR

  • Bulgarian hot-die hammer forged receiver, bolt and bolt carrier
  • Cold hammer-forged shortened 8.25″ Bulgarian barrel with 4-piece booster/flash hider
  • Front sight block restoration to 24x1.5mm Combloc threading
  • MPA tuned and modified action for smooth cycling
  • Custom safety modification for one finger operation while maintaining firing grip
  • Proprietary MPA Custom Rear Trunnion permanently attached to modified milled receiver
  • Your choice of Russian-pattern polymer AK-100 or metal triangle left-side folding buttstock
  • Standard Combloc AK scope rail
  • One (1) 30-round Bulgarian waffle magazine
  • Cerakote™ Ceramic Firearm Coating or Parkerized Finish on all metal parts, including internals
  • Function fired and zeroed for accuracy

“Unequaled strength, precision and durability.”

That’s exactly how the Arsenal Co. of Bulgaria describes their hot-die hammer forged and milled SAM7K receiver. And we definitely agree, which is why we chose this 7.62 pistol platform for conversion to a Krinkov rifle configuration.

Our proprietary rear trunnion blends seamlessly into the milled receiver, complimenting the cut and crowned 8.25″ barrel and Krink booster cone. (No fake boosters around here.)

We finish the conversion with an MPA action tune and Cerakote™ ceramic firearm coating, just to remind you what it takes to become an MPA Signature Firearm.

*Please note this is an NFA Class 3 firearm and requires a tax stamp. Don’t worry… we can help you through this process. Just ask.

Complete Arsenal SAM7K

Pistol-to-SBR Shorty 7.62x39 Rifle,

starting at $2,999