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S1219™ Standard Length Saiga Shotguns

  • Remove side rail, factory fire control group and trigger guard
  • Install new, U.S. made, modified Arsenal fire control group and AK style trigger guard in original military location
  • Weld up extra axis pin and bolt hold open holes
  • Maintain full length 19″ factory barrel with thread cap protector to easily accept interchangeable muzzle devices
  • Perform MPA custom action tune for smooth cycling
  • Custom fitting of selector lever (safety) for easy one-finger operation
  • Fit magwell
  • Install new ergonomic U.S. Palm AK Battle Grip
  • Install new K-VAR polymer handguard and AK74-style fixed stock
  • Perform Gas System Reliability Modification (to run low brass 12-gauge birdshot)
  • Prep and finish with Cerakote™ Ceramic Firearm Coating
  • Comes with one (1) 5-round factory Saiga magazine
  • Other custom Component Options available, or email us with your requests
  • Meets all requirements for 922(r) Compliance

For those who prefer full, factory-length barrels, our S1219™ Saiga 12 Conversions offer the same internal tuning and modifications that you’ve come to expect of our MPA Signature Series shotguns. The sporterized Saiga-12 is converted back to its military configuration, with a new, tuned and relocated trigger group to make room for the pistol grip.

This results in more control, less fatigue, and an overall comfortable shooting experience.

As with all of our Saiga 12 conversions, our S1219™ Series Shotguns will effectively cycle low-brass ammo because of the modifications we make to the gas system. Less money spent on ammo means you’re having a great day.

Complete S1219™ Standard Length

12 ga Converted Saiga Shotgun,

starting at $1,879