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AK540C™ SBR Custom Shorty 5.45×39 Rifles

  • New NoDak Spud Receiver
  • Matching numbered Bulgarian parts kit
  • U.S. made 12.5″ chrome-lined barrel with threaded, removable Phoenix or Wolverine flash hider
  • New ergonomic U.S. Palm AK Battle Grip
  • Refinished Bulgarian wood or refurbished Bulgarian polymer furniture
  • Bolton gas block / front sight combo
  • One (1) 30-round Bulgarian magazine
  • Cerakote™ Ceramic Firearm Coating or Parkerized Finish on all metal parts, including internals
  • MPA tuned and modified action with U.S. made Arsenal fire control group for smooth cycling
  • Custom safety modification for one finger operation while maintaining firing grip
  • Rear Sight Modification for faster target acquisition
  • Function fired and zeroed for accuracy
  • Other custom Component Options available, or email us with your requests

Ultimate portability. It’s what you asked us for.

Shedding weight with its 12.5″ barrel, our Custom AK540C SBR™ line utilizes a combination gas block front sight and offers a minimized overall barrel length which shifts the center of gravity toward the rear.

The result is a lighter and faster handling fighting rifle that’s extremely portable.

When available, we prefer to build off Russian Saiga Rifle platforms. Due to market fluctuations, our current AK540C SBR™ rifles are built from matched-numbered Bulgarian parts kits on NoDak Spud receivers, the finest U.S. made AK receivers on the market.

Complete AK540C SBR™

Custom Shorty 5.45x39mm AK47 Rifle,

starting at $1,799