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Gunsmith Services

We offer selective gunsmithing services for customers across the country. And to many of our local customers, we offer same-day turnaround by reserving an appointment window for your repair work.

FFL Transfers

Say goodbye to high transfer fees… our $19 FFL Transfer is here to stay. Check out our FAQ section on how this all works and get started now!

Private Gunbroker

For our local customers, we can acquire almost any firearm, part or accessory you need. Simply email us what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to offer you the best price possible.

New Location

The move to our new location is complete! While we no longer offer a retail storefront, we still manufacture fine AK platform rifles and shotguns, and provide selective gunsmithing services. By simplifying our operations, we can offer better pricing and specialized services.


Why Our AKs?

Most AK platform rifles are not known for their crisp triggers or smooth actions. With inherently loose tolerances, AKs are durable and can withstand dirt, sand and even water (unlike AR platforms which are tight and crave frequent cleaning and oiling). But loose… read more